Fighter DIY eBook - Second Edition Out Now!

Fighter DIY eBook

The Second Edition of the Fighter DIY eBook combines all my best builds over the years and includes all the details for each project to date and extras you won't find on the web. This eBook will show you how to make your own indoor and outdoor punching bags, free-standing boxing bags, reflex bags, a boxing spar bar and more for just loose change.

Price: Whatever You Decide to Contribute!

  • Simple, step-by-step instructions & item lists
  • Over 6 projects, each with the story behind it
  • Enhanced build versions & extra upgrades
  • Links to extra hidden videos that are not listed on my channel
  • Fully illustrated with colour photographs to help you with the build

DIY Projects Included:

DIY Spar Bar Pro
DIY Spar Bar Basic
DIY Tire Punching Bag
DIY Reflex Punching Bag
DIY Punching Bag Stand

DIY Boxing Gloves

All projects are documented using detailed, step-by-step instructions that you will not find anywhere else. It will save you hours and possibly save you from making simple mistakes.

Every project includes the full list of items that you will need to buy to do the build. In some cases links to specific items are included. If there's one fighter DIY book you need - this is it. Buy it now and download instantly!

Thousands of people can't be wrong...

"VERY Creative!!!" Drop Weight Daddy
"Somehow I had never seen your inventions up until today, this is great. I would like to do something similar for my nephew." MMABeijing
"Thank you .. I was able to build one today thanks to you. It's perfect for my area as its easy to take down and it's cheap to build." Jessie Arriola
"I give that a 20 out of 10" Rikchal Sherchan
"Man what a genius. Such a great idea, such a great set-up" Eren
"You are the man. Thank you for this" Ben Wearne
"Thanks bro, this is the best one, i am going to make one like yours, thanks." John Mar

To get your copy, simply make a small contribution from as little as $3...


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