How To Make a Boxing Spar Bar - Pro Version

DIY Boxing Spar Bar Pro

10-Step Instructions:

  1. Get a ball - basketball is best. Also get a plunger, remove the handle and tape it onto the ball with duct tape. This can be screwed onto the top of your spar bar to help dampen vibrations and for light punches.
  2. Get a pair of ball bearings roughly 1 inch internal diameter and 2 inches external diameter. You can get a 2-pack of the exact bearings that I use on Amazon US here: or from Bunnings in Australia:
  3. Get a PVC pipe Tee or Cross junction into which your ball bearings will fit. Size will depend on the size of your ball bearings - for the bearings above, I'm using a 40mm Cross junction which has an internal diameter of roughly 48.3mm (eBay: or Bunnings link: Tape around each ball bearing to ensure a tight fit into the Tee or Cross junction. That is your spinner!
  4. Get an arm-length of PVC pipe that will fit into your Tee or Cross joint. Here's the exact one from Bunnings: or on eBay:
  5. Get a 1/2 inch galvanised steel pipe roughly chin height for your mast and a corresponding galvanised flange.
  6. Get a 2 foot long/wide MDF board and attach the galvanised flange two inches from one side. Screw your galvanised pipe into the flange. You'll need 4 thick, short screws to fix the flange onto your board - these screws on Amazon US are ideal:
  7. Tape around the top of your galvanised pipe where the spinner will sit, ensuring a snug fit. Add an extra layer of tape just below the bottom of the spinner to stop it from moving down.
  8. Attach your PVC arm to the spinner. Secure it by drilling a small hole through the top (through both the joint and the arm) and insert a pin or small nail.
  9. Get and attach a section of pool noodle on the arm using long cable ties for padding.
  10. Use a regular char to stabilise the mast/pole by strapping the mast to the back of the chair.
An alternative to using a chair is to make a stabilisation support system - this is a more complex build component that is only available in my Fighter DIY eBook. The book also includes a link to a hidden video that shows you how to make the stabilisation support system.

DIY spar bar platform
DIY spar bar ball bearings joint
DIY spar bar arm
DIY spar bar pin lock
Good luck making it and hope you enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.

More Detailed Instructions:

This project is one of many projects in my Fighter DIY eBook. The eBook contains complete detailed and fully illustrated instructions that you can follow with ease. It also contains extra components with links to hidden videos. Download it today!

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Pro + PVC stabilisation system (exclusive): Get the Fighter DIY eBook to get access to exclusive content.


  1. Where can I find the ball bearings in Australia?

    1. These are the ones I used:

  2. If i got a 2"/5' pvc pipe and 6005-2RS bearings what size do i need to get for the other parts?

    1. Hi Christian, I just updated the instructions with a few more details on the Cross joint and PVC pipe. The PVC joint I used that fits the bearings is a 40mm joint (actual internal diameter is 48.3mm). It's sold through our local Bunnings store - I have also found these on eBay: Here it is on the actual manufacturer's website: (select the 40mm one). Hope you're able to get it.


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