How To Make a Boxing Spar Bar - Simple Version

DIY Simple Boxing Spar Bar

10-Step Instructions:

  1. Get a ball - basketball is best. Tape it to a plunger.
  2. Get a 1 inch metal pole about chin height.
  3. Get a 1 inch PVC pipe and Tee joint.
  4. Get a large umbrella stand.
  5. Get a pool noodle.
  6. Insert your metal pole into the umbrella stand.
  7. Cut the PVC pipe to about an arm-length and glue on the Tee joint.
  8. Insert your Tee with the PVC arm onto the top of your metal pipe.
  9. Secure the Tee in place by using two hose clamps of appropriate size on the metal pipe - one above and one below the Tee. Make sure to leave a small gap so that the Tee rotates freely.
  10. Use a section of pool noodle on the arm as padding and ability to extend the length of the arm.
Good luck making it and hope you enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.

More Detailed Instructions:

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