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Fighter DIY eBook - Second Edition Out Now!

The Second Edition of the Fighter DIY eBook combines all my best builds over the years and includes all the details for each project to date and extras you won't find on the web. This eBook will show you how to make your own indoor and outdoor punching bags, free-standing boxing bags, reflex bags, a boxing spar bar and more for just loose change.
Only $9.99Simple, step-by-step instructions & item listsOver 6 projects, each with the story behind itEnhanced build versions & extra upgradesLinks to extra hidden videos that are not listed on my channelFully illustrated with colour photographs to help you with the buildGet a 20% discount code by Subscribing to this blog! (above) DIY Projects Included:

All projects are documented using detailed, step-by-step instructions that you will not find anywhere else. It will save you hours and possibly save you from making simple mistakes.

Every project includes the full list of items that you will need to buy to do the build. In some ca…

How To Make a Boxing Spar Bar - Pro Version

10-Step Instructions:Get a ball - basketball is best. Also get a plunger, remove the handle and tape it onto the ball with duct tape. This can be screwed onto the top of your spar bar to help dampen vibrations and for light punches.Get a pair of ball bearings roughly 1 inch internal diameter and 2 inches external diameter. You can get a 2-pack of the exact bearings that I use on Amazon US here: a PVC pipe Tee or Cross junction into which your ball bearings will fit. (size will depend on the size of your ball bearings). Tape around each ball bearing to ensure a tight fit into the Tee or Cross junction. That is your spinner!Get an arm-length of PVC pipe that will fit into your Tee or Cross joint.Get a 1/2 inch galvanised steel pipe roughly chin height for your mast and a corresponding galvanised flange.Get a 2 foot long/wide MDF board and attach the galvanised flange two inches from one side. Screw your galvanised pipe into the flange.Tape around the top of y…