How To Make a Free-Standing Punching Bag

DIY Free-Standing Punching Bag

10-Step Instructions:

  1. Get 13 pool noodles (for a 6 foot tall punching bag), a roll of cheap packing tape and a roll of cheap cling wrap (or two).
  2. For your pole get a one inch wide PVC pipe - roughly 6 foot long.
  3. For your platform get an MDF (particle) board at least 2 foot wide and 1/2 inch thick. Alternatively if you don't want to make the base, you can simply use an umbrella base such as this one from Amazon:
  4. For mounting your pole, get a one inch galvanised steel pipe roughly one foot long and a flange to mount it. You'll also need 4 thick, short screws to fix the flange onto your board - these are ideal: Note, if you want to make your punching bag more rigid, use a two foot galvanised pipe.
  5. For fixing your PVC pipe onto your galvanised pipe you will also need a one inch hose clamp.
  6. Setup your platform and pole: screw the flange onto one end of your board; insert the galvanised pipe into one end of the PVC pipe and lock it in place using the hose clamp (you'll need to make some vertical cuts into the PVC pipe - see video for details); crew your pole into the flange on your board; weigh the board down with some weights or with one or two 10 litre water containers which you can buy in a supermarket for $1 each.
  7. Take 4 of your pool noodles to make the core of your punching bag. You can wrap some tape around them to hold them together temporarily.
  8. Cut the rest of your noodles in half. Take each half and make a ring by bringing the opposite ends together and taping them together using the packing tape - watch the video for details of how to do this.
  9. Thread all your noodle rings onto the 4-noodle core and thread the core onto the PVC pipe.
  10. Wrap the cling wrap around the bag making sure to distribute the cling wrap equally throughout. If you bought a second roll, wrap that too, making sure to apply more of it to areas where you will punch or kick the most.
punching bag pole

punching bag noodle

pool noodle punching bag

wrap punching bag
Good luck making it and hope you enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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