How To Make a Reflex Punching Bag at Home

DIY Reflex Punching Bag

10-Step Instructions:

  1. Get a ball - soccer ball or volleyball is ideal.
  2. Get a drain plunger and good quality duct tape and tape the plunger onto the ball, ensuring not to cover the air inlet. AmazonUS:
  3. For the base get a 2 foot wide MDF or "particle" board.
  4. For the mast/pole, get a 1-inch diameter PVC pipe (in Australia this is referred to as 20mm; in US it’s referred to as 3/4 inch) - you'll need roughly shoulder height. AmazonUS:
  5. For the base you'll need a short 1/2 inch galvanised steel pipe. The length of the steel pipe should be roughly 1 foot and will dictate the speed - faster with a longer steel pipe. AmazonUS: You'll also need the corresponding flange to mount the pipe onto your board. Amazon US:
  6. Attach the flange to one side of your board with thick, short screws. You will need to drill appropriate size pilot holes first to allow your screws to crew in easily. These screws on Amazon US are the ideal type:
  7. Attach your short galvanised steel pipe to the flange.
  8. Take your PVC pipe and make several 1 inch cuts into the pipe at one end. Place an appropriate size hose clamp over the section with the cuts and mount the PVC pipe over the short galvanised pipe, clamping the hose clamp to lock it in place.
  9. Attach your plunger with the ball to the top of your PVC pipe by inserting the handle of the plunger into the PVC pipe. Tape it in place.
  10. Place two 10 litre water containers in the middle of your board to weigh down the platform.
Good luck making it and hope you enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.

Please let me know in the comment below if any of the product links don't work so I can update them.

More Detailed Instructions:

This project is one of many projects in my Fighter DIY eBook. The eBook contains complete details and fully illustrated instructions that you can follow with ease. It also contains a set of instructions for a heavyweight version of this reflex bag, including a link to a hidden video for the heavyweight version. Download it today!

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  1. Hello Sir,
    I went to the lokal Shop to rebuild your newest version of the Cobra Bag. Unfortunately they don't have PVC pipes smaller then 70mm diameter.
    So I searched on Amazon and found this:
    It might be on German but I hope that you can tell me if it will be enough or if it's to hard and that it won't move.

    1. In Australia this PVC pipe is referred to as a 20mm PVC pipe. In US the closest to this is a 3/4 inch PVC pipe. Basically you're looking for a PVC pipe that is roughly 1 inch in diameter. Here it is on AmazonUS:

  2. What is a "pressure Pipe"? Is there any difference between a pressure pipe and a normal PVC pipe? Or is that the Same?

    1. Pressure pipes are generally tougher than grey water (drain) pipes. In Australia they are a white colour as opposed to the grey colour of the drain pipes.

  3. I am using a 1 1/4 inch base pvc pipe to have a better stronger base. Should i tape the metal pipe so that itll fit snug into the pvc pipe

  4. What type of tape you hsing. Also should i tape thr dteel pipe to make for a more snug fit into the pvc pipe bcuz im using the larger pvc pipe on the bottom and a thinner on top

    1. For taping the ball I use good quality duct tape. For taping the pipe to make a snug fit use wide electrical tape

  5. I ordered the flange and it did not come with screws. Can u please add a link to amazon for the screw?

    1. These will do the job: - they have a deep thread and are ideal for MDF or particleboard. Just make sure the length is not longer than the thickness of your board or they will stick out below the board. The screws I used were actually slightly too long so I had to use a grinder to grind them down to size.

  6. I'm wondering how durable this is to take hard hits from a heavyweight? I'm worried if I throw uppercuts hardcore and hard hooks will the plunger hold things in place with the duct tape? Also wondering any chance how can one make this look more professional without tape or possibly have manufacturer mimick it but with no tape so it can last for punishment.. thanks!!!

    1. Hi Roberto, I'm currently working on a new prototype of this bag to see if I can make it more hardcore. I'm also trying to make the new version look more pro. I should have some new videos on my Youtube channel ( on this new prototype in the coming days. Stay tuned!


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