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How To Make a Cobra Reflex Punching Bag at Home

10-Step Instructions: Get a ball - soccer ball or volleyball is ideal. Get a drain plunger and good quality duct tape and tape the plunger onto the ball, ensuring not to cover the air inlet. AmazonUS: For the base get a 2 foot wide MDF or "particle" board. For the mast/pole, get a 1-inch diameter PVC pipe (in Australia this is referred to as 20mm; in US it’s referred to as 3/4 inch) - you'll need roughly shoulder height. AmazonUS: For the base you'll need a short 1/2 inch galvanised steel pipe. The length of the steel pipe should be roughly 1 foot and will dictate the speed - faster with a longer steel pipe. AmazonUS: . You'll also need the corresponding flange to mount the pipe onto your board. Amazon US: Attach the flange to one side of your board with thick, short screws. You will need to drill appropriate size pilot holes first to allow your screws to