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How To Make a Reflex Punching Bag at Home

10-Step Instructions:Get a ball - volleyball for lightweight punching bag or basketball for a heavyweight version.Get a drain plunger and good quality duct tape and tape the plunger onto the ball, ensuring not to cover the air inlet.For the base get a 2 foot wide MDF or "particle" board.For the mast/pole, get a 1-inch (1-1/4 inch for the heavyweight version) PVC pipe - you'll need roughly shoulder height.For the base you'l need a short 1/2 inch (1 inch for the heavyweight version) galvanised steel pipe. The length of the steel pipe should be roughly 1 foot and will dictate the speed - faster with a longer steel pipe. You'll also need the corresponding flange to mount the pipe onto your board.Attach the flange to one side of your board with thick, short screws. You will need to drill appropriate size pilot holes first to allow your screws to crew in easily.Attach your short galvanised steel pipe to the flange.Take your PVC pipe and make several 1 inch cuts into t…